May 29, 2012

We had a little Wander in Old Town Alexandria, VA

One of my best buds is Susan Hellman, Mom, Architectural Historian, Acting Director of Woodlawn and an appointed member of the Historic Alexandria Resources Commission. (HARC advises Alexandria on preservation issues.) One thing I love about Susan is her passion for the historical underdog. She is not contented in knowing what happened only to the well-to-do folks of our area, she needs to know and understand about the individuals whose names have been forgotten.

We are both native Fairfaxians, but Susan recently moved to Del Ray. One night a few weeks ago we went on an Historic Wander around Old Town Alexandria. How cool to get her perspective and knowledge on one of my favorite places!

Photo below.
Speculating as to this structure's original inhabitants! We must have stood there for an hour. (My apologies to the structure's current inhabitants...):

A lengthy discussion ensued on historic pulleys and fire escapes (of course it did!):

In agreement: Jimmy Chew Chews would have been a poor shoe choice c1760:

Tourism season is upon us and we loved this interpreter! (Also loved that we heard about "Slavery in Historic Alexandria" discussed on EVERY tour we passed that night.):

In agreement: this is such a cool house:

Old coke(?) bottling plant. Susan remembered the days when she could buy a soda for $.05.

I, of course, cannot:

We walked over to the south side of the Alexandria waterfront area. Mostly aging industry. Very cool:

Not in total agreement: Susan didn't seem to find this exposed brick as fabulous as I did. (Still trying not to hold that against her):

In agreement: Who the heck hangs a chandelier in a tiny, dingy, outdoor vestibule?! Someone FABULOUS!!! This is officially my new favorite new thing:

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