May 22, 2012

Gibson Grove AME Zion Church, Cabin John, MD

Gibson Grove AME Zion Church, which now seems to be the First Agape AME Zion Church.

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Gibson Grove AME Zion Church

Driving north on Seven Locks rd. the other day, I noticed that this church seems to finally be receiving some badly needed attention. (Church on west side of road, second location.)

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  1. This church is over 104 years old and was founded by a freed slave, Sarah Gibson. I'm planning to photo document the historic cemetery that is also on this property, about 1/4 mile further back in the woods, and was bisected by the I-495 highway in the 1950s. There is so much history here that has been overgrown and forgotten, it's just a shame. The church caught fire accidentally in Feb 2004 from an old oil furnace that was scheduled for replacement that same month I believe. It has sat and deteriorated more and more with each passing season. Such a heartbreaking thing to watch happen. The construction sign was put up 2 yrs ago in 2010, but not a single repair has been done.