June 14, 2012

The Samford Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR): Day 6

Thank you to the folks at Samford for graciously opening your home to us. Thank you to our instructors for sharing your amazing knowledge with us.
To my fellow IGHR genealogists I humbly acknowledge the unspoken force that binds us together and drives us to do what we do. It was an honor to share this past week with you.

2012 Course 8: Researching African American Ancestors (Thanks to Samford's Diane Vakakes for taking over iphoneography duty):

The two most important people at Samford:


  1. You are so talented in taking pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  2. AnonymousJune 17, 2012

    Thanks Maddy for being in the class and sharing your pictures.