June 3, 2012

Locust Grove, Bethesda, MD

Samuel Wade Magruder House.
Maryland State Archives great site:
(Also, where I opened my first savings account at age 10...)


  1. This house was built by my 5th great grandfather, Samuel Wade Magruder. Several generations lived there.

  2. Any recommendations on how to get there from DC? We are direct descendants of Samuel Wade Maguder and would like to visit.

    1. It is now a Capital One bank. It is located just behind the ATM drive thru at 7340 Westlake Terrace, Bethesda, MD. 20817. http://www.hoursguide.com/capital-one-store-hours-locations/maryland/bethesda/1268 If you go during banking hours, you can get into the house. Score!

  3. Do either of the descendants of Samuel Wade Magruder know if he is any relation to Nathan Magruder (who died in 1798) and his son Walter Magruder? The reason I ask is because Nathan Magruder and his wife are buried quite literally in my back yard (the actual unmarked cemetery belongs to the Coun