June 15, 2012

The Samford Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research: Evening Activities

In the past I have referred to IGHR as "Hogwarts for Genealogists". Apparently we are in "Slytherin"....

Things I learned from this encounter:

1. Peggy Baldwin is fearless.
2. Monica Hopkins is fearless.
3. I do not scream like a little girl when in the vicinity of a poisonous snake. (That was some other gal in black with an iPhone.)
4. Peggy Baldwin is fearless.
5. Monica Hopkins is fearless.
6. Apparently I don't like snakes.
7. In a stressful situation, you want Monica & Peggy with you.
8. At 3am, the shoulder strap of your IGHR bag takes on serpent-like qualities.
9. I will be back next year.

The next day Peggy returned to the scene to show us where she "took care of business":

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  1. Glad I learned of this "visit" on my last morning at Samford. Great pics!