January 22, 2013

John Wesley Methodist Church, Harper's Ferry, WV

This unnamed church is located on West Ridge Street in Harper's Ferry, WV. It is two doors down from the First Zion Baptist Church.

There are several visible (and some barely visible) rough cut field stones in the "front yard" close to West Ridge Street. They could be marking burials. The ground between structure and road is very pitted and suffers from poor drainage. 

If anyone knows the name/history of this structure, please let me know.

Much appreciated. Maddy

UPDATED  January 25, 2013.

Big thanks to Don Burgess and Christy Huddle for setting me straight on this property. This structure was the John Wesley Methodist Church. It was the first African American church in Harper's Ferry, built in 1879. According to Mr. Burgess, there are no graves on the property. There is an African American a short distance from the church on Old Furnace Road (which will be documented on my next visit...) Thank you!

No visible cornerstone:

Back of the structure taken from Putnam Street:

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