April 25, 2012

Old Starr Methodist Church, Starr, MD

Also once known as the Richard Asbury Methodist Church. Originally, a predominantly white congregation, I believe the current congregation is mostly, if not all, African American.

One of only two remaining churches in Queen Anne's County, MD to have a separate entrance for slaves. This side entrance went directly to the stairs that led up to the slave gallery.

At first I thought that the stairs to the slaves entrance was no longer standing (see attached photos: the side entrance is a good 3-4 feet off the ground), but I have since read accounts that the practice was for the enslaved folks to transition directly from the carriage to the entrance.

I am utterly fascinated that these bits of history still remain on our landscape.


  1. Hi,
    This church does not currently have an active congregation. It is actually owned by my family who purchased and restored it in the 1980's as it was in disrepair. We use it for family reunions and special services. Both of my great-grandfathers on my mother's side were preachers here in the late 1800's. Feel free to email me with any questions.
    Paula Larrimore

  2. March 23, 2018
    Are you still actively sharing these historical roadside churches? I find myself driving the scenic byways between The Bay Bridge and "Slower Lower Delaware". It didn't take long before I was stopping at all of the little white chapels we see dotting the area. Now I am collecting information and photos. The fun is in the hunt! I found 4 that were new to me just yesterday! I would enjoy some conversation after looking over your 'blog entries.
    Mike Walker -- wirelessmic@comcast.net