March 29, 2012

More Slave Burials on Barnsfield Rd., Fairfax County, VA?

Since I published my post Centreville, Rd., Changing Landscape last week, I have received several emails about this land and people's memories of it. I wanted to confirm that there are at least 2 cemeteries on Barnsfield Rd. 

The cemetery on the South side of Barnsfield Rd. is known as the Turley-Hutchison-Wilcoxon Family Cemetery.

There is a slave cemetery on Barnsfield Rd. about 350 yards beyond said family cemetery. This cemetery is known as the Turley Slave Cemetery, it also lies on the South side of Barnsfield Rd.

I have been told there are other "slave burials" on the North side of Barnsfield Rd., but much closer to Centreville Rd. (Route 657).

If anyone has any info. Please let me know... The bulldozers are ON THE SITE.

See what the site looked like in May 2012

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  1. I only know of the two sites on the South side of Barnsfield. Not aware of any sites on the North side. There was a house on the North side at one point, but it was a much newer building than Turley Hall was.