August 4, 2010

Unnamed Cemetery, Church Street, Milton, DE

This cemetery is on Church Street, but no church is visible today. I am unsure if these burials even have a connection to this former church or if they are attached to the adjacent Sunrise Lodge #4.

Note the homemade pique assiette mosaic planter that has been placed on a grave (not as the grave marker, but as a planter.)

In my recent travels around southern Delaware I saw only one other planter of this kind. That example was in the nearby Reynold's Church Cemetery. There too, the planter was placed on the grave as a decorative offering as opposed to functioning as the grave marker itself.

Based on the similarities in the application of the mosaic, the shape of the vessel and the choice of found-objects used, my guess is that the two recipients of these planters were kin. Possibly made by a common relative.


Maddy McCoy
Fairfax County, Virginia
Slavery Inventory Database

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