February 21, 2017

Moving Forward

For the past ten years, the Slavery Inventory Database has researched and recorded the identities and locations of enslaved individuals who lived in Northern Virginia. This work has been rewarding to me as an individual, as well as a professional. In the last few years, I consulted with the Fairfax Circuit Court Historic Records Center who took on and greatly expanded this important work in their Slavery Index Project. The archivists catalogued every enslaved individual recorded in the county's will books and deed books. Being involved with their efforts, I applaud them on behalf of myself and the Slavery Inventory Database for the overwhelming advancement of the knowledge of the enslaved community of Fairfax County, Virginia.

My experience with the Fairfax Circuit Court Historic Records Center made me realize how much more work there is to do. As such, I recently entered into a partnership to start a nonprofit research organization called History Revealed, Inc. Its mission focuses on learning more about lesser-known groups of people from the past, and I am pleased to announce the organization will continue the research efforts of the Slavery Inventory Database.

Historic Wanderings will still be wandering and recording historic sites. Watch for updates on the Slavery Inventory Database at History Revealed, Inc.

-Maddy McCoy

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