September 30, 2012

Clifton Farm, Culpeper County, VA

Original kitchen on basement-level of the main house:

Kitchen / Slave Quarter adjacent main house:

Interior of kitchen / slave quarter:

Witness marks on exterior of kitchen / slave quarter:

Crigler Family Cemetery:

Path the leads to the slave cemetery (cemetery located north of the house, almost at at the River):


  1. Wow...these picture are amazing. I saw that you said this was a privately owned. Do you know if they have a lot of the history about the slaves who lived there?

    1. Nicole, Thank you.
      Yes, the owners are very interested in the enslaved history of their farm. In fact, one of the women pictured above is a direct descendant of an individual whom was enslaved on the property. This was her third visit to the farm. She has relatives buried in the "slave cemetery" on the property as well (last remembered burial in that cemetery was in the 1920s).